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Programing C++ QUESTION BANK

Programming C++ QUESTION BANK
Yagna QPaperGen Series is primarily intended to help  student preparing for Programming C++ Examination in CBSE, AMIE, DOECC Socity, IIT-JEE, GATE, AGRE, CMC, MCA , CA Entrance Examinations.

Yagna QPaperGen Software can be used by student launch online examination within computer/laptop. It does not require internet connection.
Key Features of Yagna QPaperGen:
  • Desktop Based Windows Application.
  • Student and Teacher Friendly Interface.
  • 1000 + Objective Question and Answer DataBase.
  • Chapter-wise Objective Question and Answer Database.
  • Objective Q & A Database with Browse support
  • Self upgradable Question Bank, i.e
    • User can modify question in the data-base.
    • User can add new question in to the data-base.
    • User can delete the question in the data-base.
  • Question paper generation based Randomly Distributed Questions from each subject.
  • Unlimited Online Examination.
  • Unlimited Question Paper Generation.
  • Chapter-wise performance matrix with % of question covered + % of score.
  • One Year Activation Key.
  • Free software upgrade during activation period.
  • Question paper and Result can be Stored in local machine.
  • Question Paper Printing option for reference.
Download Programming C++ Windows Apps
Download Programming C++ Android Apps Download Mock Test Android Apps
Pricing:: Rs:199 PROGRAMMING C++
System Requirement:
    Processor:   Pentium recommended
    Operating System:   
          Windows  XP/Vista/Windows 7,
           Windows NT 4.0 (or later)
    Memory:    16 MB RAM
    Storage:      Hard Disk Space: 1 GB

** One time Internet is needed for Software Activation